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Answer each question before its "pick by" time or the computer will select the most picked answer for you. All times Pacific.
What part of the pig is used to make bacon in the United States?
My Pick Possible Answers
--- Loin
--- Fore flank
--- Pork belly
--- Back
What item is sometimes added to bacon to give it sweetness?
My Pick Possible Answers
--- Aspartame
--- Orange
--- Pepper
--- Maple syrup
True or False? Bacon has zero trans fat
My Pick Possible Answers
--- True
--- False
International Bacon Day is held on which day?
My Pick Possible Answers
--- Saturday before Labor Day, every year
--- Thursday after Halloween, every year
--- Wednesday before Christmas, every other year
--- Every 3rd Tuesday
True or false? Bacon Bits sold at the grocery store are actually vegetarian.
My Pick Possible Answers
--- True
--- False
What famous musician is known to have eaten peanut butter and bacon sandwiches?
My Pick Possible Answers
--- Madonna
--- Elvis Presley
--- Carlos Santana
--- Prince
Who is the patron Saint of Bacon?
My Pick Possible Answers
--- Julian of Cuenca
--- Bernard of Clairvaux
--- Paul the Hermit
--- Saint Anthony the Abbott
Where and when was bacon first discovered?
My Pick Possible Answers
--- United Kingdom, 1000 B.C.
--- China, 1500 B.C.
--- Canada, 1750 A.D.
--- Bulgaria, 2000 B.C.

Family 4 pack of Super Bacon Cheeseburgers (20 Winners)
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